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Sale Terms

By requesting, you ideally mean that you want to purchase our product and thus you are expecting the terms and conditions of our organization. All the requests are liable to the accessibility and affirmation of the cost. The time of dispatch can fluctuate at times subject to the availability as well as any kind of deferrals.

You should also keep in mind that to get in touch with our organization, you would have to be 18 years and older and perhaps hold a credit or debit card that is issued by an authorized bank. We have all the given right to decline any offer that is made by you. If the request is acknowledged or accepted, then we will let you know through email or phone.

Also, when you are submitting the request, you should make sure that the information that has been presented by you is valid and you own the debit/credit card through which you are ordering the product.

A-Our agreement

When you purchase our product, then you would get a confirmation email of the product that you are purchasing. The agreement between us won’t be valid until the product that is requested by you is dispatched.

B-Evaluation and Accessibility

We guarantee the fact that all the information that is presented on our website is precise, but mistakes can happen from our end. If in a case, we find an error on our website, then we will try to rectify it as quickly as possible and also give you an alternative option if you are looking to purchase a product.

If we are unable to reach out to our customers, then we would have to cancel their requests in such a scenario. In the rare event, if you have paid for the product, then we would refund it with full discount. Apart from that, all the products that is present on our website are liable for the taxes as well.


Once we accept the request from our customers, we make sure that we validate their card to guarantee that they are having adequate assets. Once the authorization process is completed, we would deduct the payment of our product.


  • Introduction


The disclaimer that is present here would govern the customers about the use of our website. Further, if you are using our website, then you would have to accept our disclaimer as well. If you don’t agree to the disclaimer of our website, then make sure that you don’t use it.

  • Intellectual property rights 


We as well as our licensors govern the intellectual property rights as well as the material that is present on our website. Besides this, as per the licensed that has been mentioned below, all our intellectual property rights are bound to be reserved.

 License to use our website​​

  • You can view and download the materials present on our website only for personal use and you can print the pages of our website on the given condition that has been mentioned below:-

  • You should make sure that you don’t republish the materials that are present on our website or store any kind of materials from our website in any public or private electronic retrieval system.

  • You should not reproduce, duplicate, copy or sell any material that is present on our website for any kind of commercial purpose without taking prior permission from us.


Limitations of Liability

The information that is available on this website is put in a proper way and you should make sure that you don’t hold us liable for any information that is provided on our website.

We would like to inform our customers that the information that is presented on our website is correct but we don’t guarantee the completeness or accuracy of our website. Apart from that, we also don’t commit that our website would remain available forever or the material that is present on our website would be updated.


You consent to hold harmless to our organization, representatives, specialists, executives, associates, officers from any kind of harm or risk that may come up by you using our websites or administration terms.


If you are facing any kinds of issues or if you have any kind of complaint, then you can get in touch with our customer care executives who would assist you with your problems 24 * 7.

Refund Policy

All the products that are mentioned on our website are not subject to a return, no return of the product would be considered.