MS Vessel



We offer Pressure Sand Filters , the Sand bed filters work by providing the particulate solids with many opportunities to be captured on the surface of a sand grain. As fluid flows through the porous sand along a tortuous route, the particulates come close to sand grains, and then particulates are captured.
Water passes through a sand bed that removes the suspended solid particles. The suspended Solid ( SS ) particles consist of the coagulated matter remaining in the water and waste water after clarifier ( Tube Settler , Lamella Clarifier , Up flow Filter , Sedimentation etc ) , as well as small amount of uncoagulated suspended solid matter.

Pressure Sand Filter Structure and Equipment Includes

1. Structure to house media
2. Filter media
3. Gravel media support layer
4. Underdrain system
5. Valves and piping system
6. Filter backwash system
7. Waste disposal system


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