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Rigo water softener removes excessive calcium and magnesium concentrations that produce hard water. When water passes through a Water Softener, the system filters out the hard water minerals, and the softened water exits the system to flow via the plumbing.


The essential principle of how Water Softeners function is that positive and negative things attract one another. The two main causes of hard water, calcium and magnesium, are both positively charged molecules. The hard water also travels through a filter filled with negatively charged resin beads as it goes through the softening mechanism. When with magnets, opposites attract as the hard water passes through the resin beads.

Rigo Softening Plant

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  • Water Softeners which are being used in Safe drinking water projects, Manufacturing, Boilers, Production, Tissue Cultured, Aquaponics, Solar power project and other applications.

    We have wide range of products starting from 25 Liters per hour to 1 Lac liters per hour.

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