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Though water is a basic necessity for survival, it is one of the most under-prioritized but over abused commodities in society. Urban developments, man-made constructions, have contributed to contaminating natural resources. The people dependent on these contaminated water resources are prone to water-borne diseases and get caught up in a vicious circle of debts trying to pay the medical bills.

Our ultimate goal is to provide safe drinking water for the needy.


  • The scarcity of pure drinking water is the cause we have been fighting for. The majority of the schools in rural areas do not have the access to pure drinking water which is why children have been consistently falling ill. The struggle to fetch water is real and some of them have to walk barefoot for miles to fetch pure drinking water. 

  • Many schools have water purifiers that are broken and other schools provide drinking water, often contaminated as they resort to available water resources.

  • Water-borne diseases have been the cause of major illnesses and fatal deaths among school children. Students tend to drop out of school and there is an increased level of absenteeism reported over the years.


  • Our ultimate goal is to provide safe drinking water for school children, and underprivileged communities.

  • We will install the necessary water purifiers at the schools which are in need.

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  • Additional Information
    We have installed 18000+ schools across India.
  • Specifications
    We Rigo team has been working closely with government officials since 2012, and we will take care of the necessary permissions.
  • Warranty
    We suggest the type of water filter based on feed water and Iso 10500 Parameters.
  • Product Manual
    We recommend Reverse Osmosis where the quality of water is >500 PPM of TDS, and if <500 PPM of TDS, we suggest Ultra Violet or UF.
  • FAQs
    We provide additional Drain tanks and educate the school staff to use them for floor cleaning, toilets, etc.

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