Rigo India is known to be a reputed manufacturer of residential and industrial water purifier in Hyderabad. We are into the industry for more than 60 years and thus we have a great hand on experience to handle any given project in this domain. All our water purifier’s products are manufactured using top quality materials and they are bound to last for a long span of time.

Our products are sure to give our customers the complete value for money and they are in turn available at a very competitive price. In addition, our products are manufactured using advanced technology and our customers are also quite happy with our after sales service. All our products come with a warranty which showcases our honesty and authenticity towards our customers.

Why Us

We hold great expertise

We are backed with a team of excellent crew members who have a great hand on experience in handling different kinds of water purification systems and thus we can easily give satisfactory results to our customers. Our authentic products and services have helped us to gain a great reputation in the international market with our water treatment solution.

We are an Award-winning organization

We have received immense recognition as well as many awards since we have started our operation in the following industry. Besides this, we have also been awarded by FOI which holds great value to our organization.

We offer Competitive pricing

We offer all our products at a very competitive rate and thus all our customers get true value for money for the investment that they would make. In addition, all the spare parts are imported directly and hence the costs of the products are automatically reduced.

We are quite committed towards our work process

We have a team of experienced and trained staff members, who make sure that all the assignment project are delivered with utmost quality and within the timeline which shows the commitment towards our customers.

We offer round the clock support

We make sure that are quite satisfied with our products and services and hence we have a technical team which gives 24*7 support to our customers such that any kind of issues that they might be facing can easily be taken care.

We deliver the best consultation

We have developed a set of predetermined values which we very well try to implement. We also have a set of team members who assist our customers with the best possible consultation in terms of their project as well as application.

Contact us

If you are interested in any of our products or if you have any kind of queries, then feel free to get in touch with us by calling us on ………. Or contact us by clicking here.

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